Moon Panoramic Atlas

Exhibition, Print

Apollo Program Summary Report

Exhibition, Print


Identity, Print


Fictional project – Identity, Typography

Petit Bateau

Social Media

Hortense Manga

UX, Webdesign

From the Earth to the Moon

Exhibition, Print

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Futuro, developped with Malte Martin & Vassilis Kalokyris.

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At 4:18 p.m. on July 20, 1969, the voice of Neil Armstrong crackled from the speakers at NASA Mission Control in Houston. He said simply: the Eagle has landed.

Junior art director with a focus on graphic design and typography. Currently based in Paris, France.

Mail: contact(at)
Instagram: @arnaudcordel
LindekIn: @arnaudcordel

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Moon Panoramic Atlas: Scans of the films by Lunar & Planetary Institute; NASA Johnson Space Center; Arizona State University / Apollo Program Summary Report: Scans of the Missions Reports by Apollo Lunar Surface Journal / Aisthaet: Art Direction by Christophe Renard & Photography by Nicolas Guiraud / Furiosa: Photography by Paddy McGrath for / Petit Bateau: Art Direction by Christophe Renard / From the Earth to the Moon: Scans of the films by Apollo Lunar Surface JournalNASA Johnson Space CenterArizona State University / Futuro Typeface: Art Direction and first developpement of Bold weight by Malte Martin & Vassilis Kalokyris at Atelier Graphique Malte Martin



– 2019
Freelance Art Director, Graphic designer

– 2018
Atelier Graphique Malte Martin
Graphic Design, Typography

– 2018
Christophe Renard
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Photography

– 2017
Christophe Renard
Art Direction, Graphic Design

– 2015
Graphic Design


– 2018
D&AD, The Alchemy of Truth
WeWork – Paris

– 2018
D&AD Portfolio Surgery 2018 Winner 
BETC – Paris

2017 – 2018
Master Art Direction & Typography 
ECV École de Communication Visuelle, Paris

– 2014
Preparatory year in Graphic Design
ECV École de Communication Visuelle, Paris

– 2013
Baccalauréat Économique et Social
La Salle Passy Buzenval, Rueil-Malmaison

Exhibition & Talks

Apollo Mission Summary Report
Galerie de l’Inattendue – Paris, France

Collectif Bonjour
La Passerelle – Bagneux, France

Type Thursday
Type Directors Club – New York, USA